10 Pet Peeves

August 9, 2010

1.)Sighs – Most… depressing… sound… ever.

2.)Smoke – Any kind: cigarette, weed, firewood(which is sad, I like looking at fires). Gives me migrains and sticks to my clothes.

3.)Accounts that periodically force you to change your password to one you’ve never used before. – By the seventh or eighth one I can’t even remember it. Particularly bad if you can’t use any part of your old passwords either.

4.)People that throw bottles into the trash when there’s a recycling bin right next to it. – On a similar note, people that throw trash into the recycling bin, and people that “recycle” newspapers by tossing it into the bottles bin(Some idiot in my building does this regularly, so every few days I have to fish out a newspaper.)

5.)Having a chair put down on my foot. – Ouch.

6.)When different foods/tastes don’t mix well. – For example: drinking white grape juice right after brushing your teeth, or drinking orange vitamin water while chewing gum.

7.)Clutter – Something about not being able to find things that just drives me nuts. It sucks because I’m a pretty messy person.

8.)The sound of markers on paper. – I just shivered thinking about it.

9.) Humidity. – It’s like I’m sweating… all the time.

10.)Forgetting. – I can’t remember why this is on the list.

4 Responses to “10 Pet Peeves”

  1. Eric Mesa Says:

    I hate smoking smoke, but I love the smell of wood burning.

    I don’t care about the sound of markers, but the smells drive me crazy (in a bad way). I guess they HAVE to make it smell bad so kids don’t get high on markers, but when someone’s writing on the whiteboard for an extended period of time, it makes me wish I were sitting in the back of the room.

  2. Dan Says:

    Let’s see…I’m probably responsible for pet peeve annoyance with numbers:

    1. I sigh when I’m bored
    3. (or at least heated arguments about such)
    4. Well, honestly, not 4 because if there’s a recycling bin right there I do it right.
    5. It only happened once!
    7. My room is very messy.
    9. I cause humidity

    Where’s cotton on this list?

    • Min Says:

      Nah.. really just 5 and 9, and it’s probably time you stopped the whole humidity thing, that’s straining our friendship.

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