September 6, 2010

Classes started last week. I’m a third year now, so it doesn’t feel quite the same as when classes used to start. For one thing, I’m only taking one class this semester. There’s no anticipation, no worrying about how well I’m going to do. The grades don’t even really matter anymore (as long as I don’t fail). I’m taking the class because it’s something I want to learn, not because I’m forced to meet some requirement.

Personally, I think how I feel right now is how undergrad should have been.  Rather than a rat race of random courses and achieving good marks, it should’ve been an opportunity to learn I wanted to learn. I don’t know how they would implement something like that without making loopholes for people to take advantage of, while still managing to provide a broad learning experience. All I know is that something is definitely wrong with the system. Two years after graduation, and almost everything we did in undergrad is practically worthless. The grades and courses we took doesn’t matter. Application wise, only the very basic fundamentals ever really comes into use. Hell, I can’t even remember three-quarters of the classes I supposedly learned.

I realized some time ago that the most important thing I got out of  going to Cornell was the people and connections I made. It’s a shame too, because as it turned out, that was what I spent the least amount of time focusing on during my four years there.

2 Responses to “Classes”

  1. Eric Mesa Says:

    I agree entirely. Especially with the last sentence.

  2. Dan Says:

    Aside from my errant WoW semester, I spent more time focusing on relationships, right?

    You’re totally right, though. It’s all about who you know, assuming you at least have that baseline success level.

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