All Consuming – Pork Dumplings

September 23, 2010

Dumplings are like the best food ever! It’s too bad some of the ingredients are a bit hard to find, and I’m so lazy. Otherwise, I’d be eating it like every other week.

Here’s a recipe my mom taught me for how to make the pork filling. I’ve made it twice, once with the shrimp, and once without. It was way, WAY better with the shrimp:

1 pound of ground pork
1 napa cabbage, boil first and then sliced into thin strips
2 TbSp of Corn Starch
3 TbSp of  Soy Sauce
2 TbSp of  Sugar
1/2 TbSp  of Salt
1 TbSp of Seasame oil
1/4 TbSp of Black Pepper
5 TbSp of Water
1 TbSp of Chinese Cooking (Rice) Wine
1 bundle of Scallions(diced)
1/2 pound of shrimp (preferably fresh, non-frozen), remove shell/tail first.

-Mix together, and keep thick. Add corn starch if it’s too watery.
-Wrap in the dumpling skin(I generally use store bought, but you can make them with 4 cups flour and 1 cup water)

There’s a vegetarian version where instead of the pork you use Garlic Chives or Zucchini. I’ve tasted the garlic chives version before and it was amazing, but it’s like impossible to find. The lady that made it actually grew the plants herself. I’ve tried making the zucchini version once, but it didn’t taste great. Maybe I just did it wrong.


3 Responses to “All Consuming – Pork Dumplings”

  1. Dan Says:

    We should make these sometime soon…

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