Man… I’ve got nothing today. I looked through all my stuff. Zip, zero, natta.  It’s just one of those weeks where everything’s due, so you’re super busy, but then nothing goes quite your way. On top of that my spirit has been kind of down, but let’s not get into that. I’ll save the emo for a Monday post.

So without further ado, here’s a sock puppet I drew in MS paint for giggles. Quality work I tell ya.

Here’s to hoping for better content next week.


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Originally Found: My Camera phone

Pretty old one. The picture was taken from a wine tasting trip during Senior week at Cornell. Generally, I’m not a huge fan of drawing my own photos, because they never look great to begin with. However, I made an exception for this one because its a collection of four of my favorite people from college.

Proportions look pretty good.

Dan looks kind of funny. I didn’t shade his head very well, so it’s flat… like a square version of Pacman. Actually, none of the faces really came out too well. Maybe I’m just picky because I know them and have a better idea of what they should look like.

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Originally Found: Google Image

I thought it’d be pretty cool to do one with multiple people in it, so I found this shot of the Deschanel sisters. However, it turned out that the extra person made it quite a bit harder to sketch. Instead of only having to worry about the proportions for one person, I also had to try and get the correct size relative to each other.

I really like how Emily’s dress turned out.

The proportions are off. Both heads are a little too big, and their feet look awkwardly bent. I managed to match the relative height pretty well, but the width got messed up. As a result, Zooey’s shoulders became really broad, which made her look like a GIANT. Her dress also doesn’t look quite right. I think I needed to shade it a bit better to add in some depth.

90 Minute Sketch – Msh

August 19, 2010

I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned my cousin, Kai-ou(not to be confused with Kai, who is a friend from Cornell), but she’s the only immediate relative my age that lives stateside. As kids, we spent a lot of time growing up together, so as far as family goes she’s probably more a sister than cousin.

You’re probably wondering why I’m talking about her under my arts series. Well, as kids we used to draw. It was just something our parents made us do. Kai-ou loved it(and was good at it) and I was apathetic(and sucked). As we grew older, my interests turned to computers and games, while she stuck with drawing and art.

I mention this, because Kai-ou and her drawings were my biggest motivations to start sketching. It’s highly unlikely I’d ever be as talented as her, but just seeing the stuff she makes is enough to make me want to improve.

So here are some of her work. She usually goes by “Msh” online, so that’s her if you ever see anything under that name:

Originally Found: Here and Here

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Originally Found: Here

A new series, yay!

I’ve been meaning to put these up online somewhere  for a while now, just in case my sketch book catches on fire(or more likely, lost). The problem, of course, is that the scanner I have at home sucks, and I’m too lazy to go use the one at the JHU tech lab. So this is a good motivation to get them uploaded. Also, this way I get to talk a little bit about them.  Generally, I like to pull the source for these from my rss reader(a.k.a. Kai and Dan’s tumblr), so they should look kind of familiar if you’re a subscriber to them as well. Sometimes though, I try to be not as lazy and  go look for something(or someone) myself.

I drew this particular one while waiting for the train at Boston South Station, after the NAMIC conference. It was a little awkward, because there was a little kid sitting next to me, who would stare(or leer! I couldn’t tell) every once in a while. And if you remember, I tend to panic under such pressure.

Overall, I think it turned out all right. The face came out decent for once, and the proportions are about even. I really like the muscle tone in both arms. The shading is a little bit better than usual. I think the fact it was a black and white image helped a lot with that. I should do more of those.

The area around the right(lifted) foot looks awful. The foot itself is gigantic, and the shading on the skirt around there was much too dark. The leg and arm are kind of skewed, but I think it might have to do with the angle I was looking at the picture. I definitely don’t remember them being so vertical in the original. Lastly, there’s a weird ring thing under the top of her left arm, near the bicep. I have no idea what that is.