I think what I liked best about this post is how I tried to play it off like just any other day in high school.  In reality(if I remember correctly) I was kind of a mess by that point. It was about 2 weeks before graduation, and the idea of never seeing my friends and going across the country to go to college was starting to scare me a bit. Also, apparently I used to think zoos are cruel to animals, but nowadays I have no qualms with my colleagues giving them cancer to test out new drugs. Go figure.

Senior Ball
2004-05-23 15:37:00

Hum… Senior Ball went exactly as I expected. The zoo was pretty neat, it’s the first time I’ve been to the Hogal Zoo, and the animals looked exactly as it did on TV. In all reality it was like just watching the same animals on the Discovery Channel; the only difference that my sub-quality senses could tell was the fact that there was the smell of manure and the animals looked much less natural in a cage. Zoos hurt my heart.

Dinner at the Blue Bird was alright…Ty’s car broke down, hence we started late. The food was below average, but the company was exceptional. It was definitely one of the better groups I’ve been in. (Un)fortunately, Mark(who sat across from me) decided to take the one girl that I’ve been attracted to since sophomore year, leaving me with a more difficult task of concentrating on my own date. Part way through, people from Box Elder showed up for their own prom dinner. It’s interesting to think that people would drive all the way up here just to have dinner at The Blue Bird. It must suck to live in a town even more secluded than Logan.

The dance was pretty great. The weather kept clear for most of it and only rained a little bit at the end. The outdoorness of it was excellent, and the fresh air was a fresh change from the usual smell of sweet and chemical odors. People apparently got busted for alcohol or being drunk or something… it didn’t really affect me or even drew my attention for that matter. I just don’t quite understand why people would pay 20 bucks(possibly more for a ticket) to be wasted at a school dance, when they can do so in the safe confines of their homes. Whatever floats your boat…I guess.

I didn’t win prom king, which is what I expected. But I thought it would have at least been Wes or Jon who would have won. Turns out that allot of the votes for Wes and Jon were taken out cause the people counting found out that there was some cheating going on in the votes. Supposedly, in the end I was tied with Skidmore and the tiebreaker came down to Jenny Miller(one of the SBO’s), who didn’t vote. If anyone else knows Jenny, the final result was as expect.

After the dance, we went to the middle school. We started a movie(A Goofy Movie) but I ended up just talking with some of my peers that I never got to know, about their school experiences and any interesting quirks they have.

When I dropped Amy off, I considered kissing her. But then I realized that the only reason I considered it was because there is this overwhelming idea that people should get action on their last dance. I’ve never really been interested in Amy that way… and I figure it’d only make our friendship more awkward. Hence I chickened out and drove away in silence.

The word of the day was “expected” …. just like the rolling days of the last ounce of high school. Everything comes and goes without surprise.


So pretty recently I got motivated to go back to the earliest blog I could find and read everything from the start. In the past when I visited these blogs, I had always started from the most recent post and then moved backwards. And every time I would get bored after a few posts and quit. But this time it was a completely different experience. It was amazing reading in order some of the key moments of my life and looking at a general snapshot of how I used to think(and what has and hasn’t changed). It reminded me of exactly why I like to keep my blogs in this style of writing, and just how important it is to keep updating these  journals so that I’ll have a small bit of text to refresh my memory when I get older.

Anyways, I guess that’s a good segway into the future of this blog: Mondays will be my standard posts, the same rubbish I’ve been writing for the past year, only faster than once a month. Thursdays will be themed posts like this one.

I have a couple of ideas for different themes, but the first few will all be part of this “Nostalgic” series, where I reblog a post from my younger years. I’ll try and cherry pick the more interesting ones, but keep in mind that these posts are up to almost 8 years old. So imagine high school Min when(if) you read them:

The Date Auction
2004-02-21 01:35:00

Well, the date auction was tonight at the school. I’m not actually quite sure I like the whole idea of auctioning people. It has a tint of slavery or a brothel or something… I don’t know… it’s just seemed a bit weird to me. Anyways… I normally won’t go, but Ty was running it and a lot of my friends were in it, so I figured it might be entertaining. I can’t say it was the best hour I’ve spent, but It wasn’t as awful as I expected. Most of it isn’t really worth talking about, but two interesting things did happen.

The first is an observation I made. Most of the kids that were up there were part of the “popular” crowd, including a few football players, three student body officers and of course the all lovable Sam. But that’s not news, and it’s who you’d expect to be picked for sell. What I noticed was that when each of them was up there waiting to be bought, they were all nervous. Especially when at the beginning when people were shy about making bids. Most of the people being sold were quiet with a meek smile and their hands safely hidden away. Others used humor as a buffer between them and the stares of their peers. But despite what they did, all of these popular, self-confident “stars” of the school were never less still afraid of rejection; afraid that in light of their popularity, they still might not get a single bid and will be forced to walk away in shame. It looks like we’re all the same people after all. The minute our instincts kicks in, all the uniqueness we pride ourselves in goes down the drain, and we end up changing back to what we really are: human.

The second event pissed me off. The mystery date was some graduated girl that I faintly remember… and she was eventually bought by Clint who paid 85 bucks(!) for her. The story is that apparently Clint bought her last year as well, and she wasn’t all too keen about going on a date with him again. But all of that I couldn’t care less about. What pissed me off was that the reason the bid went so high was that a bunch of jackasses knew that the girl wasn’t interested in going with Clint again and was pooling money together to get Clint to out bid everyone. Clint went along because suddenly he was the center of attention of these “cool” people who normally don’t’ give a damn about him. A group of the girl’s friends were sitting behind me trying to counter bid them but eventually failed. What pisses me off the most wasn’t the outcome of this particular incident, but that these bastards on a regular basis go of there way to torment other people for fun. Regardless of whether or not the girl liked Clint, or if Clint cared to pay almost a hundred dollars for a silly date, purposely setting these things up just so there can be something to laugh and snicker about is totally unacceptable in my books.

So there you have it: some people are asses, others are nervous, but in the end, we are still just people and we shall remain so until we eventually kill ourselves off.